What Are the Roles and Functions of a Public Hospital District?

  1. Ownership and Operation of health care facilities and services
  2. Ownership of healthcare facilities and lessor of the facilities to another party who acts as the operator
  3. Lessee of health care facilities and operator
  4. Contracting party for health care services

What are the Powers and Duties of the Public Hospital District Commissioners?

District Commissioners are empowered to:

  1. Survey health care needs of the district
  2. Purchase or lease land or facilities to provide health care services
  3. Borrow money on credit of district revenues
  4. Establish the levy rate based on the community’s health care needs
  5. Enter into contracts with governmental entities to provide for health care needs
  6. Employ professional practitioners and a Superintendent to administer the district
  7. Pay travel costs of professional candidates for employment
  8. Accept gifts, grants and bequests to support the purpose of the district

What checks and balances are in place to monitor the Commissioners’ decisions regarding how monies are distributed and what the levy rate will be?

By law, the Commissioners will hold public meetings to conduct District business. Anyone can attend these meetings. If voters disapprove of what the Commissioners are doing, they can vote them out of office.  They will be serving staggered terms. Given five at-large Commissioners (as is proposed), one position is up for re-election in the next general election and two more positions are up for re-election in each of the following two general elections. Upon re-election, Commissioners serve a six-year term, as will all commissioners after that.